Wow, what a read!

The Fifth and Final Name: Memoir of an American Churchill¬†Wow, what a read! After my own career spanning 28 years in the social service profession, advocating for youth, many of which are adoptees or separated from their birth family, I was enthralled by this account of perseverance to seek out the “truth” in Ms Noonan’s life. It starts in her beginning and then takes the reader through each step of her quest to find the truth surrounding her identity. It has all of the mystery and intrigue of a Hollywood suspense thriller. It goes beyond the intrigue in establishing an incontrovertible case for adoptee rights. It is clear to me that the conclusions that are uncovered are well substantiated. Ms. Noonan, you are correct in quoting your Grandfather, “The truth is incontrovertible.” Schedule the time to finish this one before you start as this is one you won’t put down.

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Chris Taylor

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