Press Release: A 30 Year Search for Family Revels Winston Churchill as Biological Grandfather

Churchills's Grandaughter's Book

Chumbolly Press is proud to announce the release of The Fifth and Final Name: Memoir of an American Churchill ( by Rhonda Noonan. The memoir is the unforgettable story of one adoptee’s search for family and the truth about her past. It details a shocking and remarkable journey where Rhonda discovers that she is the biological granddaughter to the late Sir Winston Churchill.

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Why I Wrote The Fifth and Final Name

Why I Searched for My Family and My Past

My search was a result of two things: trying to understand the impact of adoption on ME and hearing, from Lillie, that there was a biological grandfather who loved and cared about me. The idea that someone from that family might have cared about me ran in absolute contradiction to my beliefs at that time. I know that I am fairly “normal” in the adoptee arena, in the sense that I felt unwanted and unimportant; a throw-away, a mistake…someone “they” wished hadn’t come along and that had to be dealt with as a “problem.”

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