The Fifth and Final Name

Memoir of an American Churchill

The Fifth and Final Name- Memoir of an American ChurchillThe Fifth and Final Name is a story about how it took an adopted child thirty years and thousands of dollars to learn what most people learn for free due to the world of closed-record adoptions and the refusal of basic civil rights of adopted people..

The Search for Family

Rhonda Noonan has one basic question: who was she and where did she come from before being adopted in the State of Oklahoma? Her search for her biological parents and her ancestors led her through a web of mistruths and five names all constructed to keep a child from knowing her past.

This is a detective story, and a story about love. This is a story about mobsters and the FBI. This is a story about Oklahoma Governor Raymond Gary and a massive political cover up. This is a story about  a woman named Lillie who could see the future. This is a story about how to locate your birthmother even if the whole state of Oklahoma seems to want to keep that a secret.

This is a story about the child Irene Gafford conceived with Randolph Churchill—a story about Winston Churchill’s granddaughter…

This is Rhonda Noonan’s story. You have to read it to believe it.