Amazon Review: Rhonda is a Role Model and Heroine

I read books for a variety of purposes: to get lost, to be inspired, to become better informed, or just for sheer entertainment. Rarely does a book come along that fulfills all of those–but this is one of them. In The Fifth and Final Name, Rhonda Noonan tells her own story in straightforward, unflinching terms, and a remarkable, page-turning story it is. Driven to find out the truth of her own heritage, Rhonda finds herself forced to do everything but slay dragons. She fights institutions, individuals, and what sometimes seems like an unfeeling universe just to answer a simple question: where do I come from?

Luckily, she has some help along the way, some of it from the next dimension. (Trust me, you will believe!) And she is richly rewarded at the end of her journey with the astounding facts about her parentage. For anyone who has ever had a burning question, for anyone who feels that the greatest journey is the one we take to find ourselves, Rhonda is a role model and heroine. What is more, she has spent her life fighting for the rights of the adopted, turning her own pain and triumph into a beacon for others. Once you have read Rhonda’s story you will never forget her.

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  1. One of her many attempts to rob the true child. Whom she has abused, despised and envied her entire life. Getting worse.
    A false story by a REAL WITCH.

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