Press Release: A 30 Year Search for Family Revels Winston Churchill as Biological Grandfather

Churchills's Grandaughter's Book

The Story of How Oklahoma Native, Rhonda Noonan, Searched for Ancestors for Three Decades and Found her Past in the House of Churchill

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Chumbolly Press is proud to announce the release of The Fifth and Final Name: Memoir of an American Churchill ( by Rhonda Noonan. The memoir is the unforgettable story of one adoptee’s search for family and the truth about her past. It details a shocking and remarkable journey where Rhonda discovers that she is the biological granddaughter to the late Sir Winston Churchill.

Search for Biological Parents in Oklahoma Ends with the British Churchill Family

Born and adopted in Oklahoma, Rhonda, like many other adoptees, felt from a young age the compelling desire to learn of her adoption story and search for her biological parents. Unlike most other adoptees, her story ended up being more of a “cloak and dagger” storyline than a typical adoption search and reunion story. Her intense search would include institutional stonewalling of the release of her birth records, the intervention of judges, attorneys and detectives and finally being confronted and thwarted by the Churchill family.

The Fight to Free Adoption Records

Rhonda tells her story in a memoir that reads like a detective novel. Neither Rhonda nor her adoptive parents could have possibly imagined what the Oklahoma state officials were hiding in her quest to find the true record of her birth. It’s a true, documented story that involves intricate cover-ups by the FBI and Department of Human Services, the adoption agency officials, the Governor’s office and the “Tonkawa Mafia”. Together, they all play a part in this gripping personal adventure. It took 30 years and countless dollars for this adopted adult to learn what most people learn for free: who they are.

After tirelessly tracking down lead after lead, Rhonda finally unearths her true history. In the end, she found her past and a reality beyond all imagination. Her biological father was Randolph Churchill, the son of British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill.

Even with knowing the end results of her search into the past, these life-changing events and the to the face-to-face confrontation with the one person who could answer her questions will keep readers in awe. The passionate search for the grandfather she loves is astonishing while her refusal to go on living a life of uncertainty and mystery is inspiring to all.

About the Author Rhonda Noonan

Author of The Fifth and Final Name, Rhonda NoonanRhonda Noonan was born in Shawnee, Oklahoma and raised in the small, central town of Tonkawa. She has earned an Associate’s degree from Northern Oklahoma College, and Bachelors and Masters degrees from Northeastern State University , Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Her career in mental health spans almost thirty years and includes stints as the Director of Clinical Services at five inpatient psychiatric facilities in Oklahoma and Colorado. She has spent much of her career working with adoptees and their families.

Rhonda Noonan currently lives in Sand Springs, near Tulsa, with two dachshunds and two horses.

Read The Fifth and Final Name

A book that has raised controversy across Europe, The Fifth and Final Name is now available in the United States in both paperback and hardback. The e-book is also available for Kindle, Nook and iPad. The Fifth and Final Name can be purchased at,, or on iTunes. The audio book is also available to download  at


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