KJRH Weekend Morning Interview: Uncovering Your True Ancestry After a Three Decade Long Search

Uncovering Your True Ancestry After a Three Decade Long Adoption Search

It was a situation where I just had to put together facts and kind of follow different trails. There were a lot of different cover-ups. The FBI was involved. Folks at the state level in the governor’s office. Averell Harriman and a lot of other famous people in history were part of this, believe it or not.
So, it was really a matter of one foot in front of the other, and as the facts became inscrutable, I tried to wrap my mind around the idea that Winston Churchill had something to do with this, but it was quite an amazing revelation, as you can imagine.

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Why read the book? It challenged my notions about the current policies surrounding the adoption process. I will speak up sooner and advocate more energetically on behalf of adoptees’ rights. A very good reason to read the book.

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Wow, what a read!

Wow, what a read! After my own career spanning 28 years in the social service profession, advocating for youth, many of which are adoptees or separated from their birth family, I was enthralled by this account of perseverance to seek out the “truth” in Ms Noonan’s life.

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ExpressUK: Mental Health Worker Reveals She is Winston Churchill’s Granddaughter


Rhonda Noonan, 56, knew she had been adopted and that her ­father was an important British figure. Yet discovering his identity ­turned into a real mystery.Now Rhonda, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, has discovered her father was Sir ­Winston Churchill’s only son, Randolph.She details her story in her new book, The Fifth and Final Name – Memoir of an American Churchill.

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