The Quest for My Original Birth Certificate

Like many adopted persons, the State of Oklahoma sealed my original birth certificate when my adoption was finalized. States then issue an amended birth certificate that lists the child’s adoptive parents on it.

November 11, 1989: Letter from OK Department of Human Services

There is no record of the time of my birth

February 28, 1990: Oklahoma District Court Judge Orders the Release of My Original Birth Certificate

Application to release Original Birth Certificate

February 28, 1990 OBC Order letter

March 1, 1990: Official Final Request for my OBC


Long at Last: My Original Birth Certificate


  1. I was also adopted and am having trouble getting info. The only info,that I have is amended birth certificate from Oklahoma. Where do I start first. I don’t have birth mothers name at all.

  2. Additionally, we are attempting to gather names of people impacted by closed records in this state, for a comprehensive grass-roots effort toward change. If that is something you are interested in, I would like to know!

    1. Just read the article from 2011 & now this. Good for you. I’m 72 years old; located my bio mother’s family years ago; mother & foster parents gone for many years. Every year on my bd I request my original birth certificate & am always denied. I don’t need a new family; I have children and grand children. I do need my own information.

      Is there any legislation in the works? Is there anyone I can contact?

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