My Oklahoma Adoption Paper Trail Circa1956

Buried, sealed, or hidden away, there is a paper trail of adoption records for most adopted children. Here are the State of Oklahoma’s court filings and petitions to relinquish and adopt a child.

July 17, 1956: biological mother requests a “Waiver of Appearance and Consent to Adoption”

Consent to Adoption Relinquishment Court Waiver

July 17, 1956: biological mother relinquishes rights

Adoption Relinquishment Form

July 17, 1956: Court Records place Child in DHS Custody


September 11, 1956: pre-adoption psychological report

November 20, 1956:  2nd pre-adoption psychological report

March 27, 1957: Petition for Adoption of Child

March 27, 1957: Oklahoma Adoption Decree



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