Never, Never, Never, Never Gave Up

While many folks here understand the difficulty of find one’s true identity when adopted, or completing an adoption search for a birthmother or father; Rhonda’s story has that added component of such things like the FBI’s involvement and very thick blanket of lies. She starts from the beginning and takes the reader with her as she uncovers layer upon layer of lies and deceit. It is a testament to anyone about to throw in the towel of a difficult search; if Rhonda can find her truth, then you still have hope.

Her story reads like a mystery novel, though you already know “who done it”.  The desire is to uncover a real past, to find real proof, and Rhonda does just that.  She fights a system that is known to never release anything to the adoptee, perfectly documenting a battle that affects so many. While Rhonda wins out in the end, The Fifth and Final Name illustrates the injustice in the closed record system while providing a strong primer of adoption truth and adoptee understanding that the non adoption affected can understand.

When the end is reached, you will not doubt the validity of her claims, for she has inherited the DNA strain that was so obvious in her famous grandfather; she never, never, never, never, gave up.

I recommend reading The Fifth and Final Name and then I recommend buying a copy and sending it to your favorite state legislator of choice with a request to support Adoptee Rights bills.

Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy

Birthmother blogger at Musings of the Lame