KJRH Weekend Morning Interview: Uncovering Your True Ancestry After a Three Decade Long Search

Uncovering Your True Ancestry After a Three Decade Long Adoption Search

A video interview with Rhonda Noonan, Author of The Fifth and Final Name A Memoir of an American Churchill on KJRH Weekend Morning Interview with Deana Silk on May 12, 2013

Transcript of Interview with Winston Churchill’s Granddaughter:

Rhonda Noonan discovered that she has a very famous grandfather; former British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill.

Now, Rhonda this is not a common story. This is very, very interesting. Tell me how you all got started on this.

RHONDA: Well it started in 1980 for me. I always knew I was adopted since I was a small child, but my interest in searching started in 1980.   And I finally figured it all out in 2009.

A lot of adopted kids want to know who their real parents are, so it wasn’t unusual. The unusual thing about this about this is that your grandfather is Sir Winston Churchill. How did you actually come to that conclusion?

RHONDA:  You know, growing up who would dream something  like that?


RHONDA:  It was a situation where I just had to put together facts and kind of follow different trails.  There were a lot of different cover-ups. The FBI was involved. Folks at the state level in the governor’s office. Averell Harriman and a lot of other famous people in history were part of this, believe it or not.

So, it was really a matter of one foot in front of the other, and as the facts became inscrutable, I tried to wrap my mind around the idea that Winston Churchill had something to do with this, but it was quite an amazing revelation, as you can imagine.

Yeah, you are very different than a lot of the interviews we have here on the Sunday Morning Show. This is a very interesting story. If we had time, we could probably spend hours talking about this.

What happened when you tried to approach Winston Churchill’s family?

RHONDA:  Three years ago I attended a polo match in Greenwich Connecticut and I saw my half brother there and met a nephew, my half-brother’s son. And  you know nothing happened. I have had no response from the family at all and who knows why that is. Maybe that happens a lot to them, I don’t know. ( laughter)  But other than some… there here has not any reciprocal interaction. Let’s put it that way.

Very interesting. Now you wrote a book about this, a memoir.

RHONDA:  I have.

Tell us about this,  you have it there in your hand.

RHONDA:  Well, I felt like it was important. Of course, it is important for adoptees and I have worked in the mental health  for a lot years. So I know what that’s like, what adoption issues, how they can impact people. So it was certainly important in that respect.

But it was such…it’s a whale of a good story.

I bet!

RHONDA:  And I felt that really it demanded telling on a lot of different levels. It’s real… it says a lot about tenacity and truth and the importance one’s ancestry and family. And kind of putting together all the pieces if you’re adopted, you know, you have a lot of family. You have adopted family and you have biological family and they are both important.  So, I just felt it had to be told.

If you would like to find out about it you can You can check out  her e book her. It’s called The Fifth and Final Name. We really appreciate you sharing your story with us and I think I might check out that book Rhonda

RHONDA:  Thank you.

Thank you so much.

About The Fifth and Final Name – A Memoir of an American Churchill

Born  and adopted in Oklahoma, a state with closed adoption records. And, although she was cherished by her adoptive family, she-like so many adoptees-felt a burning desire to find and make contact with her birth parents. Her three-decade-long search involved institutional stonewalling; the intervention of numerous judges, attorneys, and detectives; mountains of paperwork and court filings, and thousands of dollars in expenses. Tirelessly tracking down lead after lead-and with the otherworldly help of a friend named Lillie-Rhonda finally unearthed her true history. Her father was none other than Randolph Churchill, son of Sir Winston Churchill.

The Fifth and Final Name can be found now in hardcover, paperback, Kindle and audio versions on Amazon. Order your copy today!



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