The Fifth and Final Name: Memoir of an American Churchill

Now Available!

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It’s been a long hard road from birth to print, but in the words of my famous grandfather, Winston Churchill, “Never, never, never, never give in…”. I have my story. I know who I am and who I was. Now, you can read all about it! Just follow the link to order The Fifth and Final Name: Memoir of an American Churchill at Amazon.

Now, How Does One Celebrate a Book Release??

With a Book Review Give Away of Course!

Here’s the deal:

1) I would love to have some reviews on Amazon.  Of course, people need to read the book before they can review it.

2) It would also be super nice if other adoption bloggers or site owners would like to post a review and link back to the site here.

Autographed Copies for Reviews!

The Fifth and Final Name - Memoir of an American ChurchillSo, if you would like to help, I will send you your very own signed copy of The Fifth and Final Name.  For keeps. I have fifteen press copies waiting to go out in the mail, so it’s on a first come first serve basis. Drop me an email quick at

Please put BOOK REVIEW in the subject line and just let me know where to mail it.

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