Behind the Book, Behind My Search

After searching for over 30 years, you amass quite a bit of information. There was a lot that went on behind the writing of this book.

Why I Wrote The Fifth and Final Name

Many times, over the past few years, I heard the comment “you should write a book.” Write a book? I’m a therapist, not an author, I thought.

It wasn’t until I realized the importance of this story to the adoptive community; as an opportunity for education and dialogue and an agent for change. Growing up I always knew I was somehow “different” from my adoptive family; a fact of life for many, many adoptees. I was also sad – grief-stricken, really, but was told (by well-meaning folks) how lucky I was to have been placed with “people who wanted you.” Indeed. I WAS lucky to have wound up with such a great family. However, I suspect few people would say that their choice would be to begin life by being abandoned; abandoned by the one person you know through nine months of intimate connection – your mother. » Read more..

Before I started searching for my ancestors, I had no idea that finding my father would result in finding Winston Churchill.

More About the Churchill Family

About My Grandfather; Sir Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is most famous for his role as the British Prime Minister during World War II. However the life of Winston Churchill was about more than wartime facts since he is family, my grandfather» Read more..

The Famous Speeches of Winston Churchill

From ushering the British to “Never, never, never, never give in” to warning of the “Iron Curtain”, the speeches made by Winston Churchill. are often considered among the “finest call-to-arms yet uttered”.  » Read more..

More About My Biological Father, Randolph Churchill

The man who would become my biological father was born on 28 May 1911  as Randolph Frederick Edward Spencer-Churchill, MBE to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and his wife Clementine.. » Read more..


Never Underestimate the Power of A Paper Trail

Documents from the Adoption Search

When conducting an adoption search, there are many directions to take. Obituaries, licensing boards, and private investigators can all be useful. Make sure to sign up for the voluntary reunion adoption registry. » Read more..

The Quest for My Original Birth Certificate

Like many adopted persons, the State of Oklahoma sealed my original birth certificate when my adoption was finalized. States then issue an amended birth certificate that lists the child’s adoptive parents on it. » Read more..

Battling the OK Department of Health & Human Services for Adoption Records

Requesting access to adoption records usually means only getting non identifying adoption information. The Oklahoma State Department of Health was ordered to open my complete files, twice. » Read more..

My Oklahoma Adoption Paper Trail Circa1956

Buried, sealed, or hidden away, there is a paper trail of adoption records for most adopted children. Here are the State of Oklahoma’s court filings and petitions to relinquish and adopt a child. » Read more..