ANI News: US Mental Health Worker Claims to be Winston Churchill’s Granddaughter


After more than 30 years of trying to find her family roots, a mental health worker from Tulsa, Oklahoma has discovered that she is the granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill.

Rhonda Noonan knew that she had been adopted and that her father was an important British figure.

However, discovering his identity turned into a real mystery.

Now the 56-year-old has discovered that her father was Sir Winston Churchill‘s only son, Randolph, the Daily Express reported.

She detailed her story in her new book, ‘The Fifth and Final Name – Memoir of an American Churchill.’

Noonan found her adoptive parents, Jim and Jeanlee Noonan, had been vetted by the FBI, and that when a judge ordered the release of her adoption files, the government department holding them appealed against it and won.

She met the man named as her father on her birth certificate, only to learn her mother was already pregnant when they met.

Even her natural mother, Irene Pruitt-Gaffard, lied when finally traced and refused to co-operate when the lies were exposed.

A stroke of luck came when Noonan found Polly Hunt, a Department of Human Affairs official named in the case papers when Noonan was born on July 8, 1956, was in the Oklahoma City phone book.

At first she agreed to help but then refused.

Years later Noonan tried again and Hunt finally revealed Randolph Churchill was her father and she had been there when he came to sign the papers. (ANI)

Read the original article at ANI News online posted on February 25th, 2013.



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