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Rhonda Noonan, Winston Churchill’s Granddaughter

Author of The Fifth and Final Name, Rhonda Noonan

Rhonda Noonan was born  in Shawnee, Oklahoma and  relinquished to adoption at birth. Named “Baby Girl Kim” by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services; she was renamed Rhonda Noonan, and raised in the small, central town of Tonkawa. Neither Rhonda nor her adoptive parents could have possibly imagined what the state officials were hiding

Rhonda Noonan’s Thirty Year Quest to Find the True Record of  Her Birth from the State of Oklahoma

Like much of the United States,  Oklahoma is a sealed record state leaving Rhonda unable to access her true original birth certificate.  In her search for her biological parents and the truth of her family’s origins, she spent over thirty years and thousands of dollars in expenses to search through the State of Oklahoma’s sealed adoption records. She waded through the rulings and findings of endless judges, attorneys, and detectives; of hundreds of filings, mountains of paperwork  tracking down lead after lead—to unearth her true history.

In the end, she found her past and a reality beyond all imagination. She found that her biological father was Randolph Churchill, the son of  British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill.

An Oklahomans  Life and Career In Adoption

Rhonda Noonan earned an Associate’s degree from Northern Oklahoma College, and Bachelors and Masters degrees from Northeastern State University , Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Her career in mental health spans almost thirty years and includes stints as the Director of Clinical Services at five inpatient psychiatric facilities in Oklahoma and Colorado. She has spent much of her career working with adoptees and their families.

She dreams of the day when Adoptee Rights  are restored in every state of American and when every person will have access to his or her heritage.

Rhonda Noonan currently lives in Sand Springs, near Tulsa, with two dachshunds and two horses.

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