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I was adopted in a state with closed adoption records. It took me thirty years of searching—decades of painstakingly chiseling my way through institutional obfuscation and stonewalling; of endless judges, attorneys, and detectives; of hundreds of filings, mountains of paperwork, and thousands of dollars in expenses; of tackling city after city, person after person, town after town, tracking down lead after lead—to unearth my true history.

Nearly everyone involved in deciding what would happen to me had a choice to make: my birthmother made the choice to give me away; the state made a choice to take custody of me and give me away again; my adoptive parents made a choice to bring me into their home and raise me.

Rhonda Noonan

The Fifth and Final Name


More than 6 million other adult adoptees face the very same obstacles often without results, due to the circumstances in which they were born. Like Rhonda, they had no choice in the matter when adopted as a child and are still regarded as children by the government and denied the civil right to access their original birth certificates.

I It is a basic human desire to know where you come from and the sealed adoption records laws are out dated and unnecessary. There is no reason why adult adoptees in the United States should not be treated the same as everyone else.

The Truth About Adoption

There are state legislative bills being introduced that would allow adopted adults access to their original birth certificates. It is important to support adoptee rights, so let’s dispel few myths about adoption. Click here.

Search Tips for Adoptees and Birth Parents

If you want to start searching to find your family, this is a basic run down of adoption search tips and where to start. Since most states still have sealed adoption records, a search can be challenging.

Adoption Support Groups

If you are planning on starting an adoption search, it’s good time now to find and adoption group for support as a search can be both emotionally exhausting and wonderful at the same time

Laws regarding Oklahoma Adoptions and Birth Records

The Oklahoma State Department of Human Services and the Department of Vital Statistics have very complicated rules on what birth record information can be accessed by which adoptees. This includes non-identifying & identifying adoption records,  the Oklahoma Adoption Registry, a mutual consent adoption registry and a confidential intermediary search program.


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